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Regardless of the industry, the challenges created by events such as mergers, acquisitions, or security threats are the same. For over 25 years, enterprise-class companies like yours have turned to us when complex needs like these arise. We work across industries, have a deep relationship with Microsoft, and bring best-in-class solutions to your modern infrastructure challenges.

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Business Impact

Your infrastructure is the backbone of your company. It is the foundation that supports your business today and your vision for the future. Unforeseen circumstances can appear with no warning that affect your day-to-day operations such as security threats or compliance liability.

Opportunities such as an acquisition set the stage for explosive growth, but you may need to migrate from on-premises to a Cloud solution. Our proprietary assessment is the first step in a comprehensive approach to piece together quickly, safely, and securely the best technology fit for your company.

We are dedicated to meeting your business needs, doing the right thing, and exceeding expectations. Let’s talk.

Throughout our 25+ year history we have completed numerous Merger & Acquisition efforts to combine companies of all sizes. Everything from merging small business acquisitions into a larger corporation to combining multiple enterprises into a single Fortune 500 organization. Our accumulated experience in this area makes us premier experts for complex Merger & Acquisitions efforts within IT.

Below are just a few examples that reflect the value of working with the Horizon team.


Acquiring a new organization or division impacts every aspect of your business. Bringing a large number of users into a new environment simultaneously is challenging, but include user desktops, multiple locations and a distributed work force and you up the complexity immediately.

A pharmaceutical company recently acquired a large competitor with multiple locations across the country. Their hybrid infrastructure supported multiple platforms, legacy systems and security protocols.

Using our Migration Framework we were able to:

  • Seamlessly migrate all users to a single cloud-based platform
  • Provide a transition plan to minimize downtime and align with business needs within the corporation
  • Utilize years of experience to provide the optimal transition path for users and the businesses involved with this migration effort.


  • Minimized business disruption
  • Provided optimal transition path to merge organizations
  • Minimized IT support issues and disruptive end user impact


Moving to the cloud is complicated enough.  Ensuring your cloud deployment is secure in today’s world is often an even bigger chasm to cross.

A wholesale/manufacturing firm with over 1000 employees spread across multiple locations was recently hit with a ransomware attack. This provided clarity that their environment, which had grown over years of various solutions, had multiple areas requiring attention to provide security in this modern era of threats.

Building on our extensive experience with Cloud, Modern Workplace, and Cloud Security platforms we were able to:

  • Analyze the current state and provide a roadmap for long term security
  • Understand the various components within the environment and insure a path for successful solution optimization and deployment
  • Utilize current best practices to provide a more secure and manageable infrastructure for the future growth within the corporation


  • Enhanced security organization wide
  • Reduced the risk profile within the environment
  • Optimized security governance and management within the environment


Today’s Modern Workplace often seems to grow in complexity as new solutions arise to try and address the multiple IT concerns within large organizations. Having a clear understanding of the tools available and a roadmap to deploy the right solutions is critical in today’s IT infrastructure.

A global supplier of manufacturing technology and services was faced with a daunting number of software solutions deployed within the environment to meet their IT challenges. Understanding where they could potentially reduce the complexity within this environment while providing an increased level of security and governance was a seemingly daunting task.

Our Modern Workplace Deployment Framework enabled us to:

  • Analyze the current state and provide a roadmap to minimize the complexity and optimize the environment for security and governance
  • Assist with the rapid deployment or elimination of the solutions required within the environment
  • Create a more secure and manageable infrastructure to meet current needs and support future growth within the corporation


  • Enhanced security organization wide
  • Increased productivity
  • Optimized systems and desktop governance and management within the environment

We are dedicated to meeting your business needs, always doing the right thing, and exceeding expectations.