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Information & Insights

Horizons was founded on a mission to simplify the highly complex world of information technology for enterprise organizations.

The resources below reflect the experience and expertise of our powerhouse team of technology experts and their commitment to providing information and insights to meet today’s business challenges and build the future you envision.


Merging or acquiring a company is a strategic win for growing organizations. It’s a step towards new opportunities, innovation, and accelerated growth, however integrating those entities can present significant challenges.

Plotting a Course for Success is based on years of experience integrating enterprise level organizations. It offers technology leaders insights and best practices for a secure, expeditious integration with minimal disruption.


Merging organizations impacts every aspect of a business, from aligning organizational teams and operations to soft skills, culture, and change management.

For over 25 years Horizons has been helping companies execute complex infrastructure integrations. Minimizing the Risks outlines 5 key things technology leaders should consider when integrating two organizations

Check back often for new resources and insights from a team with a proven track record of defining strategic, customized technology solutions to solve complex business challenges.